Safety Resources

Safe Kids St. Lucie coalition is dedicated to protecting kids from unintentional injuries, and empower parents with information about preventable injuries.

Throughout the world, one million children die of unintentional injuries each year. Millions of other children are injured in ways that can affect them for a lifetime. The good news is that these injuries are preventable. There are solutions that are proven to work.

Our sponsored programs and initiatives combine education, awareness, environmental changes and safety device distribution to get communities more involved in child safety and keep families and children safer. We work together with communities in the United States and partners around the world to implement programs that will address the leading causes of injury and injury-related death.

Each of the following programs is supported by one or more of our committed partners.

Button Battery Safety

The number of serious injuries or deaths as a result of ingesting button batteries has increased 9-fold in the past decade. Our button battery safety program shares life-saving information with parents and caregivers about the potential risks of swallowing coin lithium batteries. Learn more about button battery safety.

Fire Safety

Every day, at least one child dies from a residential fire. We created our fire and burn prevention program to teach parents, caregivers and children how to avoid injuries and deaths due to fire and burns. Learn more about fire safety.

Home Safety

Each year in the United States, more than 2,200 children – or six kids a day – die from an injury in the home. Parents just can’t imagine a serious injury could happen to their kids, until it does. The good news is, we know how to prevent these injuries. Our national home safety initiative educates parents, grandparents and caregivers about the simple things they can do to create an environment where kids can be active, healthy and safe at home. Learn more about home safety.

In and Around Cars

Our child passenger safety program, known as Buckle Up, addresses safety in and around cars, the greatest cause of preventable deaths and injuries to children in the United States and around the world. Learn more in and around car safety

Liquid Laundry Packet Safety

Since 2012, more than 32,000 calls for children 5 and under have been reported to poison centers about children getting into liquid laundry packets – that’s more than 30 children every single day. Our laundry packet safety program helps to educate families on proper storage of laundry packets in the home to help reduce the risk to children. Learn more about liquid laundry packet safety.

Medication Safety

Medications are the leading cause of child poisoning. Our medication safety program works to decrease preventable medication-related injuries and deaths in children 5 and under. Learn more about medication safety.

Pedestrian Safety

Around the world, more than 1,000 children die every day from a pedestrian injury. Learn about our pedestrian safety program, known as Walk this Way, to bring global, national and local attention to pedestrian safety issues.

Sports Safety

Our sports safety program is a national campaign to raise awareness and provide education on how to avoid sports-related injuries. It addresses the most common and severe injuries in sports today, including acute and overuse injuries and concussions. Learn more about sports safety.

The National Child Passenger Certification Training

Our CPS certification program certifies child passenger safety technicians and instructors according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards. Learn more about child passenger safety.

Learn more about TV and furniture safety.

Water, Travel and Fire Safety for Pre-School Children

Young children are at an increased risk for injury and death resulting from motor vehicle collisions, pedestrian collisions, drowning, fires and burns. Our programs for young children, known as Start Safe, are designed to give preschool teachers, life safety educators and other safety experts the tools they need to reach preschool children and their families. Learn more about water, travel and fire safety for pre-school children.